Roller shotblasting machines for sheet-metal, profiles, multiple bars


Superficial cleaning of sheet metal, profiles and compound structures can be efficiently achieved using roller shot blasting machines (continuous tunnel installations).

The "TS-RP" type shot blasting uses a horizontal roller conveyor unlike the “TS-RLV” type, that are compatible with a vertical roller track.

The "TS-BM" series of tapered roller shot blasting machines has been designed for the treatment of several bars together in a single pass, round bars, hexagonal bars or in iron or steel. 

With these types of shot blasting machines, the parts to be treated are placed on the entrance roller conveyor, through a bridge crane or forklift (excluded from our supply). The motorized roller conveyors are provided with feed speed adjustment (inverter), they will introduce the pieces in the shot blasting cabin; a series of turbines appropriately positioned around the piece passage section provides for the projection of metal abrasive onto the surfaces to be cleaned in a single cycle.

Roller conveyors will be sized according to the size of the pieces to be treated. 

The layout and number of turbines, placed both above and below the rolling surface, mean that all the surfaces to be pickled can be perfectly cleaned in a single cycle.

Capacity for sheet metal from 500 to 3500 mm, and for profiles up to 600 mm in height.


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