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Our research and development team is constantly working on the design and production of industrial shot blasting machines to expand our product range; we develop increasingly specialised, efficient and performing cutting-edge technologies.


The design and production of customised systems allows us to better integrate our production technologies to adapt them to production and customers’ needs.

The machines we manufacture employ an abrasive recovery system made up of:

  • a lower hopper
  • a screw conveyor or a vibrating conveyor with sieve (for foundry)
  • a bucket elevator, and a reconditioning system with a rotary sieve and a counter-current air wash or a double counter-current air device and magnetic drums (for foundry) to allow the continuous abrasive recycling and a complete elimination of slag, burrs and dusts.

Real-time monitoring and adjustment of shot blasting machines is carried out via a touch-screen operator panel. Every shot blasting machine has an electrical cabinet containing all the necessary command and control equipment, including a PLC and a touch-screen operator panel (OP).

The machine production process also benefits from dedusting systems consisting of self-cleaning filters and cartridges able to remove and abate the dusts formed inside the cabin during shot blasting.

Our shot blasting machines are provided for a number of different treatments:

Shot blasting machines with conveyor belt (in rubber or metal): they are designed for treatment in intermittent loads, with the production of small and large work pieces. They are ideal for aluminium die-cast, steel and brass hot- and cold-press forged work pieces, small metal products in general, pieces resulting from heat treatment, iron, brass and aluminium castings (and in some cases also for screws). Work pieces are guaranteed uniform exposure of the turbine jets in the shot blasting phase.

Hoist-hook and monorail shot blasting machines: they represent a particularly versatile solution for the treatment of parts hung individually or collectively to the hooks of a monorail air conveyor. During shot blasting, the hook can be rotated for the turbine jets to hit the surface of the pieces optimally and from different angles.


Shot blasting machines with horizontal feeding belt: Shot blasting machines with horizontal feeding belt are particularly versatile solutions for the treatment of iron products and delicate work pieces, such as aluminium castings. Shot blasting machines with feeding belt are ideal for the treatment of stone or cement products. Both types of shot blasting machines are equipped with an inverter to adjust the feed speed. The conveyor feeds the pieces into the shot blasting cabin where a series of turbines conveniently positioned around the piece passage section propel metal abrasive onto the surfaces to be cleaned.


Satellite shot blasting machines: they are designed for the continuous cycle treatment of small-size work pieces to be shot-peened and/or -blasted, automatic loading/unloading through an anthropomorphic or manual robot. Loading and unloading operations take place from the satellite facing the machine; there are one or more blasting stations and two dedusting/vestibule stations before and after the shot blasting process itself.


Shot blasting machines with roller conveyors: these are particularly versatile solutions for the treatment of metal sheets, iron or steel section bars or products, pipes and bars. Depending on the intended processing, horizontal or vertical roller technologies adapted to the size of the products to be treated are available. Our selection of blasting machines with conical roller conveyors has been designed for the treatment of (round, hexagonal, iron or steel) bars, while our blasting machines with biconical roller conveyors are meant for the treatment of pipes. The treatment is always carried out in one single pass.


Shot blasting machines for continuous wire, coiled wire or wire rod: these machines are designed for the mechanical pickling of “in line” wire and "off line” coiled wire.


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