Shot Blasting Testing (SBT Service)

Shot Blasting Testing (SBT Service) is the first service in Italy, completely dedicated to all clients and professionals in the field that wish to test the efficiency of shot blasting machines directly upon their products and semi-manufactured goods.

How to request the SBT service

  • Fill the contact form here below and click on the "Book now" button
  • You will be immediately contacted by one of our technicians who will elaborate your request.
  • You will also receive more information on delivery/shipping detail of the product.
  • Once you receive the final quote, our engineers will analyze the technical specifications, shape and materials to find the perfect machine with the most suitable abrasive media, in addition to the ideal exposition times for the treatment of your specific product.
  • Our customer service will call you to book an appointment at our facility.
  • On the day of the appointment, you will be shown every step of SBT and will evaluate with our technicians, the quality of the offered service.

SBT Service

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Cutting-edge technologies for you

TOSCA machines available for Shot Blasting testing allow to carry out treatments on several types of materials and processes:

  • TG 13 - aluminum die casting and metals in general
  • TSR 600 - stone, marbles and similar materials
  • TG 10 - small metal components, screws and bolts
  • TSR 800 8T - reinforcing and metallic bars for continuous and singular productions

SBT step-by-step

  1. A specialized TOSCA technician turns on the shot blasting machine chosen for the treatment and checks the correct functioning of all mechanisms through the operational panel designated for the management of the TOSCA software.
  2. The machine is set depending on the type of finish requested.
  3. Through the PLC, the technician sets the speed of the net conveyor, the engines amperage and the valve's blocks via servomechanism.
  4. Each element, depending on the machine for the process, will be loaded manually or with the help of automatic TOSCA tools, while handling will be ensured by conveyor belts or rolls.
  5. The use of inverter allows to regulate handling speed for the elements and it defines the exposition time of the latter to the abrasive media.
  6. The elements will move through an anti-chamber before entering, where multiple rubber shutters will prevent abrasive media and dust spillage.
  7. All machines use a variable number of turbines to ensure a homogeneous process on the treated surfaces. Moreover, the shot blasting area is made directly of thick steel sheets with 12-14% manganese (NOT HARDOX or CREUSABRO) to ensure a longer lasting activity.
  8. When the element reaches the exit of the shot blasting area, after closing the abrasive media valves, it passes through an anti-chamber similar to the entrance one, but this time dedicated to cleaning.
  9. Blowing cleaning is carried out through a high prevalence blowing unit that removes the remaining abrasive media from the elements after shot blasting.
  10. Our technician, together with the client, evaluates the resulting finishes


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